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SportDog Fitness & Conditioning

Drop your Sporting dog off at Hardscrabble up to 3 days per week.

          Hardscrabble Plantation is pleased to announce, their Sport Dog Fitness Training Program. This program was designed to keep your Sporting breeds in top condition year around. Our training Program, coupled with the proper diet. Will allow your Pet to reach it's fullest potential in the field, and keep them resting quietly at home.


         This world that we live in can be very hectic. It can be a constant struggle to maintain your own health and fitness. Not to mention, trying to keep up with your four legged companions well-being. All to often our busy lives do not allow for the extensive excercise that our working dogs need. This quickly leads to a Barrel Physique. Which leads to many other health issues. In fact; most people are not aware that their Sporting Dogs require up to 4x the activity as their human counterparts. To maintain their Strength, Endurance, and Conditioning. This is why, a simple walk around the block does not really quench their thirst for exercise. Our dogs love to run... So Run Them!

        Simply drop your Sporting Dog off at Hardscrabble on your way to work. We will handle the exercise. Then pick them up on your way home. Our low monthly fee allows you to drop off your Dog up to 3 days per week. We hold workout sessions on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Drop-off starts at 6AM, with pick-up  at 6PM.

Hunting and Obediance training

      While your Sporting Dog is at Hardscrabble. You may also like to take advantage of one of our dog training programs. Hardscrabble Plantation has Professional Obediance, and Upland/Waterfowl Hunting trainers on staff.  

SportDog Fitness

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