Corporate Membership

Some of the Benfits of a HP Corporate Membership.

Exclusive Hunt Oportunities,  Fishing Year round, Preference on booking Clays & Training Fields, Preference on booking Hunting Sections. (Preference - Members are able to reserve hunt dates upon paying dues)  15% off, on all Dove & Tower shoots. 300 Quail to be released, Planted, or used for Training.

The Exclusive HP Corporate Advantage

There is no arguing, the shear advantage you will have over your competition. When you bring your current or prospective clients, for a morning or afternoon hunt, at Hardscrabble. With 250 Bobwhite quail at your disposal. You will be able to take several clients, to show the good time that only we can provide. This will definitely close that big deal. The old saying; The biggest deals are made on the Golf Course" has changed. The biggest deals are now Orchestrated on the Quail Course...  Let us help you make that next big move. We only accept a very limited amount of Corporate Members. We are stringent in our vetting process. We will Never bring a competing company into Membership. Only you maintain the Exclusivity of the HP Corporate Advantage.      Call or Email David Today!