Private Membership

Some of the benefits of a HP Private Membership.

Exclusive Hunt Oportunities,  Fishing Year round, Preference on booking Clays & Training Fields, Preference on booking Hunting Sections. (Preference - Members are able to reserve hunt dates upon paying dues)  20% off on all Dove & Tower shoots. 150 Quail to be Released, Planted, or used for Training. Also, Members also get to pursue various types of Wild Game, not available to Non-Members.

Exclusive Admittance

We only allow a small amount of  Members per season. This allows everyone to have an enjoyable hunt. Without tripping over one another, for area to train dogs or hunt. See Price section on our home page for Membership options. Hardscrabble Membership is Exclusive. You must apply for consideration.

How to aquire an application for Private Membership?

Call or email David today.